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Warning: The products sold on this website are for professional use only. Applying eyelash extensions improperly can do much harm. Eyelash extensions should only be applied by a person that has been properly trained in accordance with laws and regulations. Do not attempt to apply eyelash extensions if you have not been properly trained.

Bat Your Lash was founded in 2007 by myself, Molly Jacobs. After many years working in the industry, I was constantly frustrated at never being able to find high quality Eyelash Extension products at reasonable prices. Our prices are competitive and the online store is very straight forward and easy to use.

We bring to you the highest quality products each personally hand picked, trialled and tested by us. All of our products are used in the Bat Your Lash salon and with an appointment calendar that books out months in advance it's easy to understand why. Our lashes and adhesives stand the test of time.

When my career in Eyelash Extensions started in 2008 I was using silk lash extensions but time after time clients would come back in for refills and most of the lash line had lost their curl and gone straight! I quickly figured out that this was due to the silk lash extensions being exposed to extreme heat (such as the client opening the oven with face close or constant blow drying of hair on high heat). There is no way of putting the curl back into lashes so each time this happened I would have to remove them and start fresh. Very frustrating. Bat Your Lash stocks acrylic lashes and this lash straightening problem is a thing of the past. 

Some believe silk lash extensions are 'softer' or 'lighter' than acrylic..... Not true. The softness of an individual lash extension depends on the thickness of it. For example: If on the left eye I used 0.15mm acrylic lashes and on the right eye I used 0.20mm silk lashes, which one do you think would be softer? The acrylic.

What about when comparing silk and acrylic individual lashes in the the same thickness? I have found absolutely no difference in softness or weight.

Our Bat Your Lash branded tweezers are also especially picked to ease strain on your overworked wrists, hands and fingers. They have only a slight opening so that when you are isolating the lash line, only a minimal amount of pressure is required to release each lash.  

Our 'Stuck on You' adhesive is our clear favourite. It has a 2 second drying time which allows you to work extremely fast and get more lashes in as you aren't wasting time waiting for it to dry. Please note: This glue is only to be used by advanced lash technicians that have the technique perfectly mastered. If you need more time to practice your techniques I recommend starting with our 'Test The Waters' adhesive which has a slower drying time to allow you to re-adjust the lash if necessary. 

We hope you enjoy using our products as much as we do!

Molly Jacobs , BAT YOUR LASH xx