What is cosmetic tattooing??
Cosmetic tattooing or micro pigmentation is a procedure in which colour pigments are implanted beneath the first layers of skin to give a more defined, youthful and radiant look that lasts for years.

After cosmetic tattooing, clients can enjoy waking up looking ready for the day without opening their makeup bag.

Enjoy swimming and exercising without worrying about your eyeliner or eyebrow colour washing away.


Is cosmetic tattooing for me?
If the luxury of always having perfectly shaped brows and or beautifully defined eyes 24 hours a day is for you, then yes! Cosmetic tattooing is great for all women of all ages. It can be tailored specifically for you and what your tastes in makeup are. Perfect for the busy woman or for those who exercise or swim a lot. It is also very handy for clients with eyesight problems who have trouble seeing to apply makeup everyday.


Why do I need a perfecting treatment?
After your first cosmetic tattoo treatment I will book you in for your perfecting session 4 to 6 weeks later (included in total cost). This is to ensure the tattooing lasts and also to make sure it is completed to perfection as colour fading will differ from client to client. This can be due to a number of things including client's aftercare, skin type, metabolism and colour choice.

In your perfecting session you can also adjust tattoo colour and shape.


How long does the procedure take?
Cosmetic tattoo treatment time is 90 minutes (per treatment). Out of this 90 minute appointment I usually tattoo for around 60 minutes. The other 30 minutes is spent numbing the area and getting the permanent makeup design perfect.


How long will my cosmetic tattooing last?
Cosmetic tattooing is not permanent and will generally last 3 to 5 years as the body, over time, metabolises the ink. If clients wish to maintain colour or shape they will require further treatments when fading occurs. On blonde/grey fair haired clients choosing a light shade tattooing may last 1-2 years.


Does it hurt?
A topical anaesthesic gel is used to ease discomfort, not an injection. The gel then re-applied every 5 minutes or so to keep the area numb once the skin has been broken.

Nearly all clients have commented that it's no bother to them at all and that leg waxing is more painful. Most clients have described it as a mild vibrating/tickling sensation, not painful- but then it will become a little tender towards the end of the tattooing session.


Can I get my cosmetic tattooing done whilst I am pregnant?
It is advised that if you are pregnant, you wait until after your pregnancy to get cosmetic tattooing. Anesthetics used in the treatment can speed up the heart rate.


Is cosmetic tattooing similar to body tattooing?

Yes. Pigment is inserted into the skin (the dermis). The main differences between a body tattoo and a cosmetic tattoo are the types of machine used and the depth of the pigment implant.
A cosmetic tattoo rotary machine is smaller, lighter and less powerful than the traditional coil body tattoo machine.

A cosmetic tattoo usually doesn't go quite as deep as a body tattoo.


Will my cosmetic tattoo scab up like a body tattoo does?
Because cosmetic tattooing needles do not penetrate as deeply as body tattoo needles do, it will not form a thick crust if proper after care is carried out by you, the client. Larger areas (eyebrows) have the tendency to crust easier. Within around 4-6 days the top layer of ink will start to exfoliate off. A regular application of Bepanthen cream is required (at least 4 times daily) all the way through to the last day of healing (around 6 days total).


Is it safe?
The cosmetic tattoo technique has been medically developed and a 100% safe application is guaranteed.

The equipment used in cosmetic tattooing is fully disposable. All needles, casings, tips, colour pots, skin swabs, gloves, trolley protectors will be disposed of after treatment.

The pigments used have been specially formulated for cosmetic application. Allergic reactions are extremely rare; I have never witnessed one before. If you are sensitive and are worried at all you can organize to come into the salon and do a small patch test behind the ear.


What are the pigments made from?

Most pigments used in cosmetic tattooing are Iron Oxide and Titanium Dioxide which is a safe and non-reactive substance specifically manufactured for implantation into the skin.
Product ingredients are always listed on the pigment bottles.

Most pigments are inorganic. The pigments are coloured powder suspended in distilled water, alcohol and glycerine.


Will black pigments stay black?

All blacks will eventually look a little blue-ish or grey-ish. This could be immediately after the healing process, or after months or even years later. This happens with both body tattoos and Cosmetic Tattoos. This is simply because black is not a colour, it's a shade.

Because black is obviously by far the most popular choice for eyeliner tattooing- a great way to keep your eyeliner as dark and black as possible is to get a monthly black eyelash tint (making sure the tint is applied to the tattoo line as well as the eyelashes- make sure you tell your therapist this!)

Brown and orange can be mixed with black to give a more natural long term colour if you wish- but this is not the darkest choice for eyeliner.


What will I look like after the Treatment?

Immediately after the treatment there may be slight swelling and tenderness on the tattooed area. There is no after-pain. The colours will appear much darker for the first 5-7 days during the healing process. In most cases you lose about 40% of colour intensity during the healing process.

It is recommended that you do not make social plans, or do any energetic activity for the rest of the day after your treatment. Your swelling and puffiness will be minimal, and generally subsides within 24 hours; in some cases up to 3 days. Eyebrows generally do not swell the next day like the eyes do. For tattooing around the eye area it may appear that you have been crying.

For 2 days after treatment, do not wear eye make-up after your eyeliner tattoo, or foundation on your eyebrow tattoo.


Can I go straight back to work after having the procedure?
Most of the swelling that occurs after having the treatment will be at its worst the morning after. All of my clients have felt well enough to return to work straight after their treatments. Treated area will feel most tender after anesthetic has worn off. Clients may wish to take a day off the day of treatment to allow for tenderness of the area to subside. Some clients will swell more than others. All clients have carried out daily routines exactly the same after eyebrow tattooing (although you may be quite self conscious about how dark they initially look).

You can't give blood for 12 months after any tattoo.
* You must be 18 years of age, or have written consent from your legal guardian.