-You can't give blood for 6 months after any tattoo.
-You must be 18 years of age, or have written consent from your legal guardian.
-You can’t be pregnant or breastfeeding.

What is cosmetic tattooing?
Cosmetic tattooing or micro pigmentation is a procedure in which colour pigments are implanted beneath the first layers of skin to give a more defined, youthful and radiant look that lasts for years.

How long does it last?
Cosmetic tattooing will generally last two to six years. If you wish to maintain the colour over time you will require further treatments when fading occurs (annual touch ups are recommended to keep it looking fresh). Black pigment in some rare cases can stay for up to 15 years.

Does it hurt?
Cosmetic tattooing is not 100% pain-free but in saying that most of our clients have commented that laser hair removal hurts a lot more. A topical anaesthetic liquid is used to ease discomfort. The liquid then re-applied as needed to keep the area numb once the skin has been broken.

Do I need a perfecting treatment?
Yes, after your initial treatment you will be booked in for your perfecting session around five weeks after. Your perfecting session is to ensure your tattoo is completed to perfection, as pigment healing/fading will differ for all. Things that can alter the look and healing of your tattoo include your skin type, metabolism, pigment choice and how you care for your tattoo in its healing stage.

Can I have a cosmetic tattoo whilst I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?
Unfortunately you can't. Having a cosmetic tattoo can put extra stress and tension on the body. Another reason is due to changes in the hormones which can have effects on the pigments end result.

Is it safe?
All products and equipment used in your treatment are disposed of. Bat Your Lash guarantees a 100% safe and hygienic application.

What are the pigments made of?
Most pigments used in cosmetic tattooing are Iron Oxide and Titanium Dioxide which is a safe and non-reactive substance specifically manufactured for implantation into the skin. The pigments are coloured powder suspended in distilled water, alcohol and glycerine.

Will black pigments stay black?
All blacks will eventually look a little grey-ish or blue-ish depending on your skin type. This could be immediately after the healing process, or after months or even years later. This is simply because black is not a colour, it's a shade.

Can I have lash extensions on when I have my eyeliner tattooed?
Unfortunately not. You'll need to have them removed by your lash technician the day before or at latest the morning of your appointment (never attempt to remove them yourself, this will cause a lot of pain and damage to your lash line).

Bat Your Lash can do lash extension removal but you'll need pre organise this so we can get you in 30 mins before your tattooing appointment.

What will I look and feel after my Treatment?
Immediately after your treatment there may be some swelling and tenderness. After eyeliner tattooing your eyes may be a little light sensitive so bring some sunglasses to your appointment to wear afterwards. Your tattoo will appear much darker for the first week and have a heavy makeup looking appearance until healing (exfoliation) is completed.


Please be gentle to your new tattoo, keep it out of the sun as much as possible, avoid bumping it and try not to touch it unnecessarily.  

Over the next week while your tattoo is healing please keep the area clean from all foreign debris, bacteria and makeup. For the next week, the only thing that should come into contact with your tattoo is the antiseptic ointment given to you. It is possible for your tattoo to become infected if proper hygiene is not practiced.

For the first couple of days it is best to limit your time in the shower, as your new tattoo should not be exposed to too much water and steam.

For the first couple of days after your treatment you may see some excess ink on your cotton bud after applying the ointment, this is normal and is not to be of concern (just be careful you don’t stain your pillow case with excess ink when sleeping).

Your tattoo will appear darker than desired and have an intense makeup look appearance on the day of treatment and will continue to look like this for the next three to six days until peeling/exfoliation begins. Colour will usually fade up to forty percent and in most cases it will also shrink a little. During the exfoliation process, be sure not to itch or pick at your tattoo (this can promote areas to heal patchy).
For some, the healed tattoo will appear perfect, whilst others will experience extreme fading and at this point may feel disappointed. Please note that three to four weeks after your initial session you may see more colour coming through, when your tattoo first heals your new skin is opaque and will take a couple of weeks for it to turn transparent, until this happens you can apply makeup to your healed skin/tattoo. You’ll be back in in around five weeks time for your perfecting session (free of charge) to make any adjustments to your tattoo’s colour and shape. On rare occasions more than two treatments are required (all sessions after perfecting session are charged).



Straight After Treatment                                                     

You will still be numb from the anaesthetic for the next hour or so, in this time be extremely careful not to touch or attempt to clean your eyes (it is possible for you to scratch your cornea because you won’t have much feeling). The skin around the tattoo may appear little pink, swollen and may be quite sore, especially once the anaesthetic has worn off.

You may also feel sensitive to light so it’s best wear sunglasses. Apply ointment in a thin layer a couple of hours after your treatment (just enough so it looks shiny, too much ointment is not good, making the tattoo too moist and puffy).

Before bed, if you like you can apply ice wrapped in clean paper towel to each eye for up to five minutes (this may help to reduce swelling in the morning). After ice application, pat the area dry with a clean tissue and apply a thin layer of ointment. It is best to avoid showering and washing your face tonight.

Day One
When you wake up you may be shocked, as the upper eyelid will appear swollen/ extremely swollen. Lower liner swelling is never as severe. This swelling may subside a little throughout the day but most stay quite swollen for the whole of day one. Apply ointment after waking to take away the ‘stiff’ and dry feeling. Continue to apply ointment four to five times during the day or more if you feel you need it as it will help to soothe the eye (apply in a thin layer). Your eyes may feel tender and a bit light sensitive (wear sunglasses).

Day Two
On day two lids may still appear swollen but hopefully not as severe as day one. Continue to apply ointment for to five times during the day and keep the area clean. Wear sunglasses when needed.

Day Three
Exfoliation may start today for those with lower liner, and top liner may start on day four to five. Exfoliation will take a couple of days. Repeat ointment application four to five times during the day.

Day Four & Five
For most with top liner, exfoliation will start today and will take a couple of days. Continue to apply the ointment until the tattoo is fully exfoliated (if you are not sure when it has finished exfoliating then you may stop applying ointment one week after your initial session (some with great ink retention may find it had to tell when exfoliation is finished).



Straight After Treatment                                                       

Your brows may feel stiff and tender, similar to sun burn and will have a heavy looking make-up appearance. Be gentle and avoid bumping them.

One hour after your initial treatment please give your brows a blot (gentle pressing) with a cold wet tissue as they will weep, then pat dry and apply ointment (just enough so it looks shiny, too much ointment is not good, making the tattoo too moist and puffy).
On average apply the ointment five to six times during the day (first thing in the morning and last thing before bed). If you naturally have dry skin, you work outside or your brows just feel extra stiff, a more regular application of ointment will be required. It is best to avoid showering and washing your face tonight.

Day One
Your brows may feel stiff upon waking, apply ointment to soften and soothe. Continue to apply ointment five to six times during the day or more often if needed. Gently pat your brows dry after your quick shower. Please avoid getting any makeup or foundation on your brows, if you do then gently wipe over them with a cotton bud with a little ointment on it to cleanse it off.

Day Two
Repeat day one instructions.

Day Three
Repeat day one instructions.

Day Four & Five
For some, exfoliation will start on day four and will take a couple of days. Most will start to exfoliate on day five. Some skin types can take as long as eight to ten days to fully exfoliate, this is of no concern as every skin type is very different. Continue the ointment application until your brows are fully exfoliated and the area feels completely smooth to the touch. 

See you in around five weeks for your perfecting session!


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