2018 Nail Trends this Winter Season

2018 Nail Trends this Winter Season

  • Nadia Eizadi

2018 has bought us some very excited nail trends so far and the winter season is no exception! Whether you love them or hate them, check out the top nail trends this winter season:


Oscar De La Renta- HarpersBAZAAR.com

Darker tones tend to be more popular in the winter season, but if you want to stay in trend without completely crossing over to the dark side, ruby or dark berry is perfect! With the Ruby tone you can still have that pop of colour while keeping that dark and edgy wintery vibe. Temperley London's autumn/winter show “Temperley Trail” theme was strong women’s fashion in the 1930s and 1940s and they needed a colour that matched, so they went with a deep splash of red paint using Orly Varnish in Ruby. Oscar De La Renta fall 2018 collection also inspired the dark berry shade and how can you not love everything Oscar does?

Colorful Cuticles

If you believe winter is cold and dark enough without the change in nail tone, then we are happy to tell you that colorful tips and cuticles are in this winter season. Moschino's autumn/winter show saw the models sporting a reverse french tip with two varnishes, a bright pink and pale pink shade, either on the cuticle or on the length of the nails and we LOVED it. Brighten up the cold and stormy winter days with not one, but two, pops of colour!

Earthy Tones

With the new trend towards green beauty products, earthy tones have been on the rise in the nail industry and this winter is no exception. Our stockists Sienna Byron Bay offer an amazing range of earthy tones designed for the winter season. Our personal fave for winter is Calm– “greige” warm clay crème. Partially because of the awesome tagline for the product,“be like a calm lagoon, crowned by the Moon and sheltered by the brilliance of the stars”, but also because it’s a nice point of difference from the standard nude nail, but it’s still natural and classic.